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Osteopathy helps to care for your spine and relieve back pain

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Osteopathy & Natural Health

Welcome to Osteopathy and Natural Health Clinic.

Are you:


Struggling with back or neck pain?


Suffering from a sports injury or some other musculoskeletal disorder?


Missing out on the activities that you enjoy because of joint pain or muscle spasm?


Feeling like your body is old beyond it’s years?


Finding it difficult to get moving in the morning?


Experiencing aches and pains during pregnancy?

We are experienced osteopaths and therapists who offer holistic treatment and services to help you ease aches and pains, improve your mobility and enjoy better health.

We also aim to educate, support and encourage you to improve your overall health and wellness through moving well, eating well, thinking well and feeling well.

We are able to treat a diversity of patients of all ages and with all kinds of conditions. Our patients include babies and children, the elderly, manual workers, office professionals, sportspeople and pregnant women.

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